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Steel N690, 3 x 100 x 1000 mm

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Knife steel N690
Knife steel N690
Knife steel N690

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Knife steel N690
Knife steel N690
Steel N690, 3 x 300 x 1000 mm
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Steel N690, 3 x 100 x 1000 mm

Stainless steel from the Austrian manufacturer Böhler with a high carbon content, enriched with cobalt. After hardening, it creates a very durable blade with high durability. It is suitable for the production of kitchen, hunting and outdoor knives, it is also used for the production of surgical cutting tools and disc knives in the meat industry. It has excellent flexibility and hardness, 58 to 60 HRC. The material is well machined, easy to sharpen, requires almost no additional maintenance.

Heat treatment of stainless steel N690

Hardening: 1000-1050 ° C
Tempering: 100 - 300 ° C
Achieved hardness: 58-60 HRC

Chemical composition and other designations of stainless steel N690

Chemical composition: C 1.08; Co 1.5; Cr 17.3; Mn 0.4; Mo 1.1; Si 0.4; V 0.1
Additional designation: 1.4528

Supplied material

The material is delivered in annealed condition.
There may be scale or surface corrosion on the surface.
Some material may be descaled by sandblasting at the factory.
Depending on the production technology, the material may not be perfectly flat.
Microcracks may be present on the surface of the material during production, therefore it is recommended to grind from the top layer approx. 0.1 - 0.15 mm.
The material is divided by a water jet, laser technology or a band saw.
In the case of laser cutting of the material, the edge may be turbid after cutting, so when subsequently cutting the material with a band saw, use a weak edge structure to grind it so as not to dull the saw band.
We will send the chemical composition of the specific purchased steel, upon request.

Dimensional tolerances

Material thickness tolerance: +/- 0.28 mm
Material width tolerance: +/- 1.0 mm
Material length tolerance: +/- 3.0 mm

Another steel for the blades

You can find other steel for the blades in the category Knife steel.

Grinding and sharpening of cutlery and blades

Standard sanding belts with ceramic grain can be used for grinding steel, eg 3M 777F, Norton R976, VSM XK870X, Deerfos PS999, or sanding belts with premium ceramic grain, eg 3M Cubitron II 984F, 3M Cubitron II 784F, Norton R980, Deerfos Bora7. Sanding belts 3M Trizact 237AA, 3M Trizact 337DC, Norton NORaX U254, VSM KK712X, VSM KK772J and others can be used for sharpening and polishing blades.

Knife steel N690 Steel N690, 3 x 100 x 1000 mm
Knife steel N690 Steel N690, 3 x 100 x 1000 mm
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