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Afzelia No.1, 52 x 136 x 135 mm

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Tropical wood afzelia, wooden prism for further production.

Afzelia No.1

(Afzelia spp.)
52 x 136 x 135 mm

The photo is illustrative
The wood is intended for further processing, so some edges may not be exactly perpendicular to each other, or planes parallel to each other.
The stated dimensions are minimal, they can be slightly larger.


Afzelia is a durable wood native to western tropical Africa, occurring from Senegal to Sudan and south to Congo, some species are also found in Southeast Asia. The white wood of afzelia is light yellow to white, the color of the core wood ranges from light brown to reddish brown, it darkens over time. The fibers are straight but alternately spiral. The wood is naturally shiny, the structure is coarser but even. It thrives in a variety of conditions, from dense, evergreen forests to savannas and coastal forests.

Four types of aphelia are commercially important

  • Afzelia africana
  • Afzelia bipindensis
  • Afzelia pachyloba
  • Afzelia quanzensis

The most common trade name is afzelia or doussie. Mahogany is a relatively common trade name.


Afzelie wood has excellent resistance to termites, insect larvae and wood-destroying fungi, it is one of the more valuable African woods, and for its properties it is also used as a substitute for teak and oak. It is resistant to acids and alkalis, so it is also suitable for laboratory equipment. It has good natural durability, wood is not sensitive to changes in humidity, it is dimensionally stable. The hardness is equal to oak, the appearance resembles iroko. It does not deform or tear during drying, it dries relatively slowly.


The wood is hard, but it works well. After planing, it remains smooth and shiny. Over time, it shows only slight movement. When joining with nails or screws, it is recommended to pre-drill. It is very well varnished and polished, especially when filling pores beforehand. It is difficult to stain, especially if it has yellow deposits in the pores. When working with hand or power tools, the tools may become dull faster. Bonding can be difficult.


  • interior and exterior furniture
  • luxury furniture
  • home accessories
  • musical instruments, marquetry, turning
  • floors, stairs, railings, wall tiles
  • construction, industrial floors, packaging
  • shingles production
  • quality veneers are made of wood, but they are not good for peeling
  • shipbuilding
  • laboratory equipment
  • chemical containers and vats

Safety notice

Tropical woods can be toxic or cause various allergies. During processing, fine wood dust is also generated, which can cause a number of other health problems. Therefore, it is recommended to use respirators and other protective equipment when working with wood.

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