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Polishing belt webrax - PN721 - 50 x 2000 mm

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    Polishing belt webrax PN721 50 x 2000 mm for metal materials and plastics

    Polishing belt webrax - PN721 - 50 x 2000 mm

    Webrax polishing belt (yellow felt) for polishing and cleaning the surfaces of metal and plastic materials


    Grain type: without abrasive grains
    Color: yellow
    Material: reinforced non-woven fabric
    Water resistance: for dry and wet applications
    Structure: open


    Polishing belt made of flexible non-woven nylon fibers on a solid base for cleaning and polishing the surfaces of plastics, stainless steel and other metal materials. Also suitable for cleaning and waxing ski slopes.


    • surface treatment without abrasive grains
    • open belt structure for good dirt absorption
    • good absorption of abrasives and polishes

    Alternative to the product polishing belt PN721

    As an alternative to the PN721 polishing belt, the following polishing belts can be used:
    Polishing belt cork RB555X
    Polishing belt natural felt FFHU
    Natural leather polishing belt KS211

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