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Amaranth No.202, 51 x 77 x 425 mm

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    Amaranth No.202

    (Peltogyne spp.)
    51 x 77 x 425 mm

    Wood defects - cracks

    The photo is illustrative
    The wood is intended for further processing, so some edges may not be exactly perpendicular to each other, or planes parallel to each other.
    The stated dimensions are minimal, they can be slightly larger.


    Amaranth comes from Central and South America, occurs from Mexico to southern Brazil, most species are found in the Amazon basin. The core wood has a light brown color after processing, when exposed to light, the color gradually changes to purple. The fibers are usually straight, but they can also be slightly wavy to alternately spiral. The texture is medium soft, even, with a natural sheen. Thanks to the unusual and unique color, purple amaranth wood is used for the production of furniture and decorative items, where an unconventional color appearance is required.


    Amaranth tropical wood is characterized by high hardness, strength and wear resistance. It is very durable against weather conditions, wood-destroying fungi and insects. It dries well, with minimal cracking and deformation. The wood is moderately dimensionally stable and has high compressive strength.


    Amaranth is easy to work with, it is easy to cut, planer, turn, grind, it can also be polished. Hard core wood is poorly impregnated. It is recommended to pre-drill holes when connecting with nails or screws. The numbing of the tools is usually mild. Alcohol-based finishes remove the purple color. When heating wood with blunt tools or high machining speeds, the wood can emit a sticky and very dense rubber mass, which clogs the tools and paints the surfaces to be dark purple.


    Wood can be used indoors and outdoors, for its unique color appearance is used mainly for furniture, floors, design elements, decorative items, jewelry, souvenirs.

    • interior and exterior
    • furniture
    • musical instruments
    • art objects
    • wooden jewelry
    • souvenir shop
    • turning
    • decoration
    • inlay
    • tool handles
    • pool tables
    • sports items
    • wooden containers
    • veneers
    • ship decks
    • ship furniture
    • wooden floors
    • staircase
    • tiles
    • production of barrels

    Safety notice

    Some tropical woods can be toxic or cause various allergies, and fine dust is also created during processing, which can cause a number of health problems, so use respirators and other protective equipment when working with wood.

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    Tropical amaranth wood, wooden prism for further production. Tropical amaranth wood
    Tropical amaranth wood, wooden prism for further production. Tropical amaranth wood
    Amaranth No.202, 51 x 77 x 425 mm Amaranth No.202, 51 x 77 x 425 mm
    Amaranth No.202, 51 x 77 x 425 mm Amaranth No.202, 51 x 77 x 425 mm
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