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Olive No.218, 13 x 46 x 135 mm

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    Olive No.218, 13 x 46 x 135 mm
    Olive No.218, 13 x 46 x 135 mm
    Olive No.218, 13 x 46 x 135 mm
    Olive No.218, 13 x 46 x 135 mm

    Olive No.218

    (Olea europaea, Olea capensis)
    13 x 46 x 135 mm

    Wood defects - crack

    The photo is authentic

    The wood is intended for further processing, so some edges may not be exactly perpendicular to each other, or planes parallel to each other.
    The stated dimensions are minimal, they can be slightly larger.


    Olive occurs in southern Europe, East Africa through Arabia to Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, India, Nepal and China. The core wood is yellowish brown with dark brown or black contrasting stripes, the white wood is white to light brown. The fibers are straight or intertwined, the texture is soft, with a slight natural shine. The pores are small to medium, with no specific arrangement. Olive tree trunks are usually very twisted and irregular, so most lumber is limited in size and is mainly used to make smaller pieces of furniture or home accessories.


    The wood is hard and heavy, with a distinctive color and unique design that is often sought after. It has a strong fruity aroma, which is especially noticeable during processing and usually remains in the finished product for several years. Olive wood is poorly dried, it can be deformed or cracked during artificial drying, so it is necessary to carry out the drying very slowly and at low temperatures, or to let the wood dry in a natural way.


    Olive is quite easy to process. It cuts well, planing can be a bit more demanding due to the intertwined fibers, it turns well, grinds, glues, polishes and further finishes the surface.


    Olive wood is considered one of the most beautiful woods, it is difficult to access in larger sizes, so it is used mainly for the production of smaller items.

    • furniture in limited sizes
    • turning
    • wooden jewelry
    • knife handles
    • veneers
    • inlay
    • carving, sculpture
    • knife handles
    • art objects
    • decorative items

    Safety notice

    Tropical woods can be toxic or cause various allergies. During processing, fine wood dust is also generated, which can cause a number of other health problems. Therefore, it is recommended to use respirators and other protective equipment when working with wood.

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    Olive No.218, 13 x 46 x 135 mm Olive No.218, 13 x 46 x 135 mm
    Olive No.218, 13 x 46 x 135 mm Olive No.218, 13 x 46 x 135 mm
    Olive No.218, 13 x 46 x 135 mm Olive No.218, 13 x 46 x 135 mm
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