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Padauk No.103, 56 x 58 x 135 mm

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    Padauk No.103

    (Pterocarpus soyauxii)
    56 x 58 x 135 mm

    Wood defects: cracks

    The photos shown are authentic
    The wood is intended for further processing, so some edges may not be exactly perpendicular to each other or planes parallel to each other.
    The stated dimensions are minimal, they can be slightly larger.


    Padauk is a colorful and durable wood from central and western tropical Africa. It occurs in Nigeria, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Zaire and Angola. Core wood is orange-red to red-brown, darkens over time, white wood is white to light brown. The fibers are straight, or even alternately intertwined, with a medium to coarse texture, with a natural shine. The pores are medium in size, with no specific arrangement.


    Padauk is a hard, medium-heavy wood with exceptional stability and resistance to wood-destroying insects and fungi, it is also resistant to water. Wood is very popular with carvers, sculptors, lathes and carpenters due to its distinctive orange-red color. It also has excellent acoustic and resonant properties.


    The wood is quite easy to process, after drying it is stable. It cuts well, planing can be difficult due to its intertwined fibers. It turns well, grinds, glues and finishes. It is recommended to pre-drill holes when connecting with nails or screws.


    Due to its properties and beautiful color, Padauk is very popular with many woodworking crafts - carpenters, carvers, sculptors, lathes and other arts and crafts. It has very good water resistance, it is used locally for canoeing. It also has excellent acoustic and resonant properties, in the past it was used to make large telegraph drums, war drums and xylophones. It is currently used mainly for the production of guitars.

    • furniture production
    • turning
    • carving and sculpture
    • wooden jewelry
    • musical instruments
    • art objects
    • wooden toys
    • sports equipment
    • decorative items
    • veneers
    • inlay
    • pool tables
    • parquet
    • boats and paddles


    The natural dye is obtained from the core wood, which is used to color fabrics, in cosmetics, in magic ceremonies and ceremonies. Recently, it has been used in Europe as a food coloring for ketchup.

    Safety instructions

    Tropical woods can be toxic or cause various allergies. During processing, fine wood dust is also generated, which can cause a number of other health problems. Therefore, it is recommended to use respirators and other protective equipment when working with wood.

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    Padauk No.103, 56 x 58 x 135 mm Padauk No.103, 56 x 58 x 135 mm
    Padauk No.103, 56 x 58 x 135 mm Padauk No.103, 56 x 58 x 135 mm
    Padauk No.103, 56 x 58 x 135 mm Padauk No.103, 56 x 58 x 135 mm
    Padauk No.103, 56 x 58 x 135 mm Padauk No.103, 56 x 58 x 135 mm
    Padauk No.103, 56 x 58 x 135 mm Padauk No.103, 56 x 58 x 135 mm
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