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Sanding belt Itexa 50 x 1500 mm, SCLS, A-UFN grey

Abrasive belt made of non-woven fabric SCLS 50 x 1500 mm for metal materials

Sanding belt Itexa 50 x 1500 mm, SCLS, A-UFN grey

Abrasive belt for steel, stainless steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metals, hardened steel, titanium and nickel alloys


Grain type: alumina, silicon carbide
Color: brown, burgundy, green, blue, grey
Substrate: reinforced non-woven fabric
Water resistance: for dry and wet sanding
Structure: open

Grain size range of SCLS sanding belts

A-CRS COARSE (P80) brown color
A-MED MEDIUM (P120) burgundy color
A-FN FINE (P180) green color
A-VFN VERY FINE (P240) blue color
S-UFN ULTRA FINE (P500) grey color


Abrasive belt made of flexible non-woven nylon fibers on a solid base. The combination of fibers, resin and abrasive grain creates a strong open structure. The fibers have spring properties, so they copy the contours well and effectively remove unwanted burrs and contaminants while maintaining the shape of the workpiece. The open structure of the nonwoven material allows aggressive grinding without clogging the sanding belt and increases the surface quality of the ground material. The fibers of the nonwoven material are constantly broken off, exposing other fibers with new sharp grains. The result is high performance and extremely long belt life. SCLS belts are designed for deburring and descaling, cleaning and finishing surfaces on materials such as steel, stainless steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metals, hardened steel, titanium and nickel alloys.

Examples of use

  • deburring
  • rust removal and oxidation
  • descaling
  • unification of surfaces
  • decorative machining
  • creating lines, highlighting
  • dirt removal
  • paint removal
  • unification of tracks after rolling
  • removal of minor defects
  • slight rounding of the edges
  • removing traces from tools
  • grinding and cleaning of welds
  • descaling


  • long service life and high performance of the sanding belt due to its structure
  • constant focusing and even final surface
  • resistant to wear and sharp edges
  • very high labor productivity
  • maintaining the geometry of the workpiece when finishing the surface
  • the open structure prevents clogging of the belt and reduces heat generation

An alternative to the product sanding belt SCLS

As an alternative to the SCLS sanding belt, the following sanding belts can be used:
3M: Scotch-Brite SC-BL
Bibielle: nonwoven fleece SCLS

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