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Wenge No.2, 51 x 52 x 135 mm

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Wenge No.2, 51 x 52 x 135 mm

Wenge No.2

(Millettia lautrentii)
51 x 52 x 135 mm

The photo is illustrative
The wood is intended for further processing, so some edges may not be exactly perpendicular to each other or planes parallel to each other.
The stated dimensions are minimal, they can be slightly larger.


Wenge is a dark, very durable wood from Central Africa. It occurs in Cameroon, Central African Republic, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon and Congo. The core wood is dark brown with almost black stripes, the white wood is white to yellowish. The fibers are straight, with large pores, a coarse structure and a natural shine. Due to its unique dark color, it is also used as a substitute for ebony wood.


Wenge wood is hard, tough and resistant to wood-destroying fungi and insects. It is usually stable after drying. In addition to strength and durability, one of its unmistakable properties is also color and appearance. Wenge wood has a chocolate brown color, with fine black stripes. Today, the dark and distinctive color of wenge wood is used as the standardized color name in many color systems around the world.


Cutting and planing is more demanding, the wood puts more resistance, the tools dull faster. When connecting nails or screws, it is necessary to pre-drill the holes. It turns well, grinds and glues. It has larger pores, so some types of finishes can be more difficult to perform.


  • furniture
  • decorative items
  • wooden jewelry
  • carving
  • turning
  • toys
  • musical instruments
  • art objects
  • tool handles
  • sports equipment
  • veneers
  • inlay
  • parquet
  • replacement for ebony


Rosehip poison is used to extract fish seeds and roots to stun fish. Tree bark and wenge leaves are also widely used for their healing effects in traditional Central African medicine.

Safety instructions

Tropical woods can be toxic or cause various allergies. During processing, fine wood dust is also generated, which can cause a number of other health problems. Therefore, it is recommended to use respirators and other protective equipment when working with wood.

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